Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Committed to Writing

Join the Slice of Life Tuesday @Two Writing Teachers

This is my first time joining Slice of Life. I've committed to writing each and every day, so I thought I'd post in Slice of Life on day three of writing. I'm thinking how very hard it is to be a writer - not even a good writer, but just a writer. I ask my students to write daily. If I ask them to do it, why shouldn't I? I know that it is important for my students to write every day in order to become better writers. This is why I've committed. Kathleen had a post on Two Writing Teachers calling for teachers to join together in a conversation about writing daily, and because I have been a follower of hers for a while and really admire her, I was motivated to improve myself...It is January and I should have a resolution, right? I don't know that anything I write will be worthwhile, but I'll never know if I don't try. Then there's putting it out there for the world to see. I post on this blog, but not very regularly. I'm in awe of the blogs I read - I am always so impressed with how knowledgeable these people are and how much they have to say and share with the world. Hopefully, if I write daily, I will come to see myself as a writer, and I will have more to say and share that will hopefully inspire, help, or make a connection with other teachers.


  1. Welcome, Janie. I hope you share all that you can on this slice of life Tuesday, and other times too. There are supportive communities in a variety of places. I love that you've started writing and follow Kathleen's wise words. One thing I'd love to know is what you teach and how this new career is going. I taught very early, then stayed home with my children, then re-started in my forties. I'm now retired (just this year) but am still mentoring one teacher. I liked your start tonight, will look for you next week! Happy Writing!

    1. I love reading all the slices! I teach fourth grade Language Arts and fifth grade social studies. (We are departmentalized from fourth up.) I began teaching later in life - I didn't find my true passion until I was 37 and went back to school. So, I've only been at this a short while - 7 years. Thank you for all your encouraging words. It's amazing the support we get from fellow teachers through our blogs and Twitter!

  2. Welcome, Janie! I'm so impressed that you took the leap right into our Slice of Life community! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    Keep your eyes open, now that you're a writer. You will find the stories, I promise.