Thursday, March 2, 2017

Good Intentions

I had good intentions of keeping my blogging life going, but I got kind of burned out. With the SoL challenge, I'm hoping to reinvigorate my writing life. I've written some with my students during writing time, but not enough. I've thought about different posts to write, but haven't written them. Now is the take action and "Just Do It."


  1. Burnout is the worst! You can do it--just put that pen to paper, or those fingers to keyboard, and write whatever. Even if you think it's terrible, you'll have support from this wonderful community. Good luck!! ~Shana

  2. Now that you've started, don't stop. Write those posts you've been thinking about. Try out a new style or craft move. The key is you just have to do it.

  3. Just Do It is a great motto! And, that's what you have to do. I love reading the variety of slices during the month of March. I look forward to seeing you this month. ~Amy