Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July 2015

I'm linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for her Currently July 2015 linky party.

#1 - This sounds a little strange, I know. My poor dad was in the hospital for a serious bacterial infection. He was discharged a week ago, and I've been spending the days at my parents' house to help out. He's recuperating slowly and that means sitting in his chair in the den and snoozing off and on:)

#2 - I love connecting with other teachers. Anyone participate in Twitter chats? Love those. I'm participating right now in a book club of sorts using the Voxer app. It's been great connecting and hearing thoughts and ideas of others!

#4 - I keep thinking of things I need to do in order to be ready for next year. I don't know why this list is growing at the rate it is, but I keep working and the list is getting longer rather than shorter. Anyone else have this problem??

#5 - I'm a single mom with two kids - one in college, one in high school...need I say more? I didn't think so...

#6 - Please see #5, hahaha

#7 - I love to tackle a good problem. If you need some ideas, I'm your gal. I have a hard time in limbo land. If I have a problem, I like to come up with a plan - it doesn't mean the plan can't change, but I definitely like to have a plan.  I will say, it drives me crazy to hear people complain and not try to solve the problem, but I do understand some don't want a solution:)

What does your July look like?


  1. I also can't stop thinking about next school year!! It's a teacher curse!! Hope your dad feels better soon!!

  2. Hi Janie! Teachers really don't know how to relax... unless we schedule it! Pretty funny! You're not the only one already thinking about next year!

  3. I found you at Farley's. My list is ALWAYS growing! It never stops. I get one thing crossed off and 2 more get added. "The circle of life!" as the song goes I guess. Lol! But I love getting things done to where I cross them off so I try not to groan...too much. ;) Take care!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning