Thursday, July 9, 2015

Teachers Write! July 9

For our writing lesson today, we were to take one of our characters and work on voice. In order to do that, our guest mentor asked us to think about some questions related to the character and write answering these questions for a certain time period - like 2 minutes or 4 minutes, etc. What I'm posting here is about another character that enter the room where the main character, Molly, is currently.

Excerpt from today:

Molly's grandmother came into the room to see if everyone was ready for lunch. She loves to feed people; this is her way of taking of those she cares about and nurturing them. Granny is smart and so kind. She's Molly's favorite. Molly looks similar to Granny. Molly has always thought Granny was beautiful. She has brown hair, but when you look closely at it, which Molly does often because she loves "doing" Granny's hair, it is actually made up of all different colors. She has red, brown, black, blonde and some gray, though Molly doesn't think Granny will ever go completely gray - she has WAY too much hair. Even though Granny is only five years younger than Grandaddy, she looks twenty years younger. She has beautiful, wrinkle-free skin. Her eyes are funny. Sometimes they are blue. Sometimes they are green. Sometimes they are gray. It is dependent on her mood.

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