Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Kiddos Did Me Proud! #SOL16

You know that feeling when your kids just make you proud? Yesterday was one of those days for me. My Slice yesterday was all about the excitement of our field trip. We went to a place called American Village where there are interactive activities relating to the American Revolution. My kiddos did not disappoint.  Although we covered the topics related to this in January, they remembered everything. (Hooray!)

We began the visit on the Courthouse steps, where the "colonists" reacted to the new stamp master that arrived in town and chanted "no taxation without representation" in response to the Stamp Act. Afterwards, students visited Mount Vernon and learned how to dance appropriately for the time period. We moved from Mt. Vernon to a secret meeting in a tavern where General Gage's wife brought a secret message letting us know of the Redcoats' plan to take the armory in Concord. We debated whether we could trust her to be telling the truth since she was General Gage's wife. We then delivered the message to Paul Revere's wife, who was to get the message to her husband. Once the message was delivered, we attended the convention where Patrick Henry and others declared reasons for the colonists to declare independence. Here the students participated in a debate as Loyalists, Patriots, and Neutralists, giving reasons for and against independence. Finally, a vote to declare independence was taken. We visited the encampment, where we learned how to load a musket and march correctly. Finally, we went to Constitutional Convention, where a variety of plans, such as the Virginia and New Jersey Plans, were discussed and compromises were adopted. 

My students participated in all the activities and re-enactments that were available. They were knowledgeable and were able to add to discussion in every area we visited. They had a great time and I feel this was such a worthwhile field trip where they were able to deepen their understanding of the importance of actions taken in our history to gain independence and create a government that would protect our liberties.

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  1. That sounds like a great day, and made even better with the connections to past lessons, now made more real by the experience.