Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Excitement of a Field Trip #SOL16

Excitement was in the air yesterday as we talked and prepared for today. I know the kids will be crazy this morning. We're going on a field trip today. Field trips are always fun and highly anticipated! My fifth graders and I are going to visit American Village today. American Village is where the time of the colonists and the Revolutionary War are reenacted. They do an excellent job of having the kids participate. Each group is a colony and today we will be South Carolina. We'll go through a meeting where we discuss the unfair taxes that have been placed on us, and we'll vote to declare our freedom. We'll attend a secret meeting where we discuss plans of revolution and get information from spies. We'll visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was written and the Constitution. We'll get to see how a musket is loaded, and we will march in formation. We'll recite the preamble of the Constitution, declaring our rights and responsibilities. Today will be a great day!


  1. I can feel the excitement building! It is so great for kids to get the hands on experience. I love that you are embracing the excitement and are right in it with them! Enjoy

  2. It sounds like a great experience for them! Hope you had a great, enlightening time.

  3. What a fun field trip experience! I hope there's a follow-up blogpost so we can know how the kids fared.