Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Planning, Planning and More Planning #SOL16

At our school we have an auction every two years, and this year was an auction year. All the teachers have to offer some type of package for parents to bid on for their children. One of the items I offered with two other teachers is Chopped. We opened it up to be bid on two different times, so we'll have a total of 12 kids competing in the game. I'm meeting with the other two teachers to figure out what we need to do to prepare for the game.

We have a young group, first graders, and an older group, sixth graders, that are competing. (It was only supposed to be offered to fourth and up, but that didn't happen:)) We need to decide how we're going to work the competition since we have such a large difference in ages participating. We think the best way is to split each of the six into groups of three. Then we'll have two first grade teams compete against each other and two sixth grade teams compete against each other.

We have to decide on the ingredients that need to be included in the baskets, as well as what other items/ingredients need to be available as "pantry" ingredients. We also have to decide whether we'll have the kids actually chop ingredients or if everything will already be prepped and ready to use. We have to decide how the teams are going to be judged and what they'll win. Will everyone win something or just one team from each age group.

There is quite a bit of preparation that has to take place before April 9th! I think there are so many things to think about, I hope we don't miss anything. If there's something you think we might need to consider, I'd love it if you left in as a comment.

I hope it will be fun for the kids!

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  1. Oh this sounds like it will be a blast. I like the idea.